Memoir Blueprint is an all inclusive, immersive experience designed to take you from blank page to published book in 90 days.  From the beginning, you will identify the critical elements for your market and get crystal clear on what to include and what you need to do to bring your book to reality.

Our process goes beyond simply writing an outline. You will hone into the most important elements that will make it easier to write.

Eliminate the frustration that some feel when endeavoring to write and be empowered to realize your dream of being a published author. 

Go from 'Blank Page TO Book Published' in 90 Days!


A Blueprint to Not Only Start Your Book, but Finish It!

More than half of Americans think they've got a good idea for a book in them, but most have never attempted to write one. Just 15 percent have actually started writing a book and a mere 6% have gotten halfway through.

That means only 3% of the people who want to write their book actually complete it!

With our all-inclusive process you can GO FROM 


Professional Editing

We do the editing, formatting, proofreading, front cover and back cover design  ($3500 value)

Book Covers (1)
JTLA Vol 2 Orientation
Pre-Work Sessions

5 Weeks of step-by-step process of foundational game plan for your story so you focus on exactly what part you want to tell to write it simply. ($5000 value)

3-Day Book Camp

This is where the action happens.  Foundational process complete, you, along with the people in your cohort, will get away and dedicate 3-focused and productive days to write the majority of your manuscript. ($9000 value)

Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 7.15.36 PM
Professionally Styled Photoshoot

Photoshoot curated by a professional stylist for your Book Cover and photography by a celebrity photographer + video shoot for your marketing and personal branding - you keep ALL your photos. ($3500 value)

Scheduling To Maximize Your Time

Built-in writing enhancements so you focus on exactly what part of your story to write about. Writing target dates so your time will be paced designed to avoid time-crunch demand and ensure you complete your book. (PRICELESS)

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Support When You Need It

Lifetime access to my signature forgiveness course, Passport to Freedom + coaching access with me while in the program ($2500 value)


What Other Authors Are Saying

I'm Ready to Write My Story
  • "Normally I journal, but since we had a deadline, the writing poured out.  The experience was very cathartic.  I had to sit with myself with some stuff.  I made some decisions for my life.  Let me be in love with me...I'm gonna take some time for me".

    Shenia Faulks Jackson

    Medical Professional

  • I didn't know anyone before this experience.  It was professional and the deadlines were met.  It's been a great experience for me.  I always said I wanted to write a book, and I was thinking 10 years from now.  For it to happen just now - so quick - I appreciate being a part.

    Selina G Bradley

    Real Estate Mogul

  • I like the professionalism.  I love a classy experience.  Not only was it a classy experience, it challenged me to go deeper.  The editing process challenged me to go deeper and it brought more to the writing.  It opened me to be freed to love again...made me feel more powerful of my voice... 

    Jorgie Franks



Hi!  I’m Stephanie 

I help visionaries, divorcées and people bouncing back from heartbreak to heal by telling their stories. 

Newly single and empty neXter, I am the Mommy of 4 young adult children who all are/were scholarship collegiate athletes and I am so excited to be a first time Grand Mommy this Spring!

Being the Author of 3 books, I must say that writing was the tool I used to help me heal following a 24-year difficult marriage.  "Writing my book was like having a built in therapist or best friend with you all the time". 

It can be cathartic for you too!

Ready to tell your story?

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